About Us

About Us

Organic Kind is your Farm Direct Organic Marijuana Delivery Service. Organic Kind has been providing your community with organic flowers, friendly and knowledgable service since April 2014. Our mission is to provide you with the cleanest, most eclectic organic flowers grown in California. Our collective staff is here to provide you with an easy and reliable way to get Organic Marijuana delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy!

Why Organic?

Organic marijuana has been grown and cured with absolutely no chemicals whatsoever. This is much healthier to smoke (and to consume as edibles and tinctures), as no on wants to be inhaling chemicals!

Just like people, plants can withstand some chemicals, but over time, the chemicals weaken the natural defenses of the plant. This can result in an influx in bugs, viruses, and molds. Growing organically also allows for the plant's flavors and smells to be fully expressed, so you're getting a cleaner, better-tasting smoke.

Our Farms

We have three harvests each year: two “Light-Dep” harvests occur in the early and late summer, followed by the larger Fall Harvest. This allows us to bring you the freshest possible sun-grown flowers all year long!

We grow our plants in soil using 100% organic ingredients as well as many bio-dynamic methods. We feed the soil, then the soil feeds the plants. All plants are also fed custom blended “tea” which we brew on-site and apply to both the soil and the leaves.

Our unique drying and curing methods ensure that our sun-grown flowers retain the natural smell, taste and effect that they had upon harvest. This means that when you open a bag and the cannabis smell jumps up into your nose, you just inhaled a little taste of the farm itself!

We are proud to be a true collective, a closed-loop system whereby your dollars go directly to funding the farm operations and allowing us to bring you the best quality and cleanest possible cannabis from the land.

Organic Kind is proud to have you as a member. We operate the farm and delivery service with a family vibe, and you are a part of that family.

In this era, there are an abundance of Eaze-y options that can bring you cheaper “weed”. You have no clue about its origin or path to your door. You do not know what was sprayed on it or what was in the food it was fed.

We are committed to delivering our members only the highest quality cannabis, grown using organic ingredients in the sunshine on our own farm in the mountains.